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Success Stories

Machri Christian Academy

We write to express our profound and sincere thanks to you and your team for shipping assorted books to us. The books include Mathematics, Fiction & Non Fiction, History, Medicine, Children reading books and Information Communication Technology: More...
Nduluku Secondary School

The entire fraternity of Nduluku Secondary School greatly appreciate the receipt of the many varied books kindly donated by your good & caring organization: More...
Alhagie Fatty I am particularly grateful to express my appreciation for the kind gesture by the initiator and donors who in one way or the other contributed cash or kind to make this Self-Sustainable Learning Center in Mandina-ba a reality.

From the initiator and donors point of view this is a small token of gesture, but to the recipients a huge one which will benefit the generation to come. This particular gesture is like a smile by nature. That is “It never makes a giver poorer and enriches those who receive it”

The beneficiaries of this gesture will not be limited to only the community of Mandina-ba alone but will go a long way and spread to all Divisional/Regional levels and the whole country in general for the betterment of education for the Gambian people.

Alhagie Fatty
Security Officer
Mandinaba Police Post
The Need
As a Peace Corp Volunteer doing work in Madinaba, one of my projects is to help facilitate a library project in Mandinaba, The Gambia. Right now, books of any subject matter are desired (history, geography, fiction, children's books, and so on). Magazines are also great. There is a large school aged population in Mandinaba and surrounding villages. I am therefore interested in collecting resource materials including dictionaries, thesaureses, atlas's, a set of encyclopedias, and other books of the sort. Books about handiwork is also important as many people in village partake in sewing, tie and dye, and carpentry. There is also the need for medical resources.

There is also a strong desire in village to learn english, I am therefore looking for beginner English books. Essentially, I am looking for books of any sort, as the current collection is rather small. People in village really want a library. Reading materials are not readily available. As a result, people of all ages love any kind of published material I have in my room, regardless of their ability to read. Looking at books and magazines is exciting to them. They are excited at the prospect at having a place to read and look at written material. Access to information is a privilege that all should enjoy. I want Mandinaba people and other villages to enjoy this wonderful privilege! In Mandinaba…the villagers have spoken…

Lesley Copeland
Mandinaba, Gambia
The library is looking really good and the students are finally getting used to the organizational system that we implemented. We changed rooms from when you first visited to give more room and better acess. Weve joined together all the books in the two schools (teacher training and vocational) into a "center" library used for all, as well as people from the community, former students and their new colleagues from other primary schools. I can now say that it is the best library in the province and probably up there in the top 10 for the country!

We are very excited about your visit and want to do all possible to make it a success. I think it would be really interesting for the students to have a course with you....is there any specific topic you would like to speak on? It would be good for them to hear how you started Wings of the Dawn. One group of students will have just arrived after one year of student teaching in the rural areas, with many experiences of trying to start up community development projects with little or no funds. I think it would be very beneficial for them to hear your experiences. Amy and Emilio ADPP in Nhamatanda, Mozambique

Amy and Emilio
ADPP in Nhamatanda, Mozambique
The total boxes in the container were five hundred and twenty five (525) with a total book of fifteen thousand, eight hundred and ninety five (15,895). All these cover English Language, Mathematics, Science, Literature, French Encyclopedia of various series, geography,music and other books for tertiary, primary children and adult education. Other materials include maps, notebooks, binders, packs of flash cards, pens, pencil, markers, boxws of crayons, spiral notebooks, toys for toddlers and many more. The commissioner for Education, Dr Fabusuyi, put up the character of Oliver Twist from her speech and says, the state wants more.

Kemi Oyewole
Ekiti, Nigeria

In response, Mrs Elizabeth Betz, principal of Charles Fowlis Senior Secondary School, along with other heads and representatives of schools, thanked Lyncoln Solutions and Wings of the Dawn, for the donation, saying that the books would substantially enhance learning institutions and boost the education of students at their schools.

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