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The point of contact (POC) should be able to meet the requirements listed below:

POC Name:

One paragraph statement why they feel our assistance is needed.

Phase I

  • What parts of the recipient country are they situated?
  • What is the estimated population of the community to be server?, not the entire state population.  – Demographics of target population, age, gender, economic background etc
  • How many schools and libraries i.e. (nursery, elementary and secondary) are within the community to be served?
  • Do they have stable infrastructure in place to store the material and easily accessible to the user community during working hours and non-working hours?
  • Plan for project sustainability, accountability and long term capacity building.

Phase II

  • What level of relationship do they have with the government i.e. (local, state and federal officials)?
  • Would they be able to arrange for a feasibility tour for WOD officials to visit the community to be served, as well as arrange meeting with the key government officials? to include (accommodation, transportation within the country and security)

Phase III

  • Do they have or will they be able to obtain a government waiver to offset the cost of retrieving shipped materials from the port of delivery?
  • If they are unable to obtain a waiver, how are they going to raise fund to pay for the cost of getting the materials out of port and distribution?
  • Will they be able to raise fund for shipment of materials from the United States of America to country of recipient in Africa. Note:Prioirty will be given to those who raise their own shipment fund.

Note: Wings of the Dawn will not ship any materials without conducting any feasibility studies, as well as having in place a signed memorandum of understanding (MOU), once our study is completed and the signed MOU in place it's 99.9% guaranteed that they will surely benefit from our project.

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