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Our Program

Community Book Café

Connecting education to the larger community, the Community Book Café project will serve as a learning and social hub for children and adults improving literacy for the "entire community" merging Africa and America together in this project. The premise is simple. Access to well-stocked library of children’s and adult books, periodic educational workshops, meeting place for local organizations and book clubs, beverage and coffee bar, WiFi (internet access) and computers for programs on social networking. The aim is to provide quality reading materials to engage neighborhoods in customizing educational and entrepreneurial activities that respond to the needs of their community. More...

Self-Sustainable Learning Center (SSLC)

This program encourages collaboration and shared ownership by residents in building and operating new learning centers where no facilities previously existed and/or to upgrade existing libraries as a central location where children will have ongoing access to education resources during and after school hours with access to internet technology.

The SSLC is a model for self-sufficiency so the villagers own the center, with Governing Committee to manage the day-to-day operations.

Book Collection

This program is promoted by developing relationship with individuals, public and private schools, corporation, rotary clubs, sorority and fondations in the United States. Books and school supplies are derived from inkind donations from this partnership to be distributed to schools, libraries and resource centers in rural communities of Africa. 92% of all funds collected have been used for covering the expenses of this program including shipping costs, distribution and inspection.

Books sent to Africa will be used for many years and often serve as goodwill ambassadors for the United States. For that reason, only books of the highest caliber are rocomended for shipment. Based on WOD experience and practice, the three main criteria to apply are physical condition, age, and content. More...


This program is promoted by developing a relationship with partner elementary school in the United States and rural elementary school in Africa, where students of similar grade begin a formal relationship by writing friendly letter to one another in relation to geographical location, weather, lifestyle and subject discussion (letters are screened by school officials and WOD personnel prior to delivery). This offers school administrators and personnel's of partner schools to evolve into developing strategic approach to assist partner schools in Africa to improve process and procedure best practice to achieve and enhance their educational growth.

This program will encourage and promote educational counseling, mentoring at-risk-student. WOD officials will assist in administering and implementation monitor the implementation process of the program to improve self-esteem of African children in rural communities of Africa .

Web Presence for African Children

This is an extension of the adopt-a-school program; the goal of this program is to develop a basic web presence for schools that participate in the program. Website project will be initially developed and implemented by WOD officials; the goal is to eventually train students from schools that are currently participating in the program the art of basic website development. The Basic Web Design and Intro to Internet tutorial and training will be administered by WOD personnel on an on-going basis.

Back-Pack for African Children

This program is an extension of our ongoing project providing educational supplies to elementary age students in rural communities of Africa . Corporate entities and individuals, schools and religious organizations are encouraged to promote supply drives to collect and stuff back-packs with educational supplies like pencils, notepad, binders, assorted pens, protractors etc so we can continue to serve the community. More...
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