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Africa has a population of over 600 million. About 50% of that population is under 15 years of age, and more than half of these children do not have access to appropriate reading materials or supplemental materials leaving these children vulnerable to social, economic, environmental and public health problems.

Wings of the Dawn book collection program in partnership with individuals, public and private schools, corporation, rotary clubs, sorority and foundations in the United States, strives to ship 100,000 Books and school supplies every year to help strengthen school libraries, community libraries and establish resource center in rural and urban communities of Africa.

This program helps take these children off the streets and bring them to an environment where they can learn and improve their skills, study and reading habit with the appropriate exposure to accessible resources for a better society. The availability of these materials has proven to create an impact in preparation for related school examinations.

Wings of the Dawn partner with local NGOs, private business, community organizations and government to assist with the identification of recipients, distribution of materials as well as implement programs to measure the impact of donated educational materials.

We encourage you to join us with financial support to meet our goal of shipment of 100,000 educational materials to Africa. A 20ft container hold approximately 25,000 books packed in 600 boxes with the cost of $6,600 to include gathering, sorting, transportation and shipment to Africa in our ongoing effort to continue to encourage lifelong reading and learning habit among African children. With your financial support we can get these materials to the hands of these children.

Wings of the Dawn is recognized 501(C) 3 non-profit by the US Internal Revenue Service.

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