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Meet Our Team

Abbey Otenaike, RN BSN, MS

Abbey Otenaike currently a member of board, responsible for logistics and strategic implementation process of projects for Wings of the Dawn International Institute for Children, currently resides in Burleson, TX. She is a board certified family nurse practitioner in the DFW metropolis. Abbey maintains a Home Healthcare Agency in Fort Worth, TX, where she excels in providing quality care for the elderly and those who need medical attention in their own home. Abbey has a passion for caring for the elderly beyond the call of her duty, knowing that this an opportunity given by God to minister to his people physical needs as well as emotional needs.

Abbey is a successful virtuous woman of God who has successfully planted thriving business venture in Maryland and Texas. She is the Administrator/Director of Nursing at Access Home Healthcare Services. Abbey received her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Catholic University Washington, DC and her Master of Science degree from University of Tennessee Nashville, TN. She has served in several Management position in the Healthcare and Food Science industry, Abbey is married to Ade Otenaike blessed with four boys from her previous relationship and two step children with her marriage to Ade Otenaike.

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