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Tamso-Ghana Library Project

Connecting education to the larger community is a partnership initiative between Wings of the Dawn and Humanitarian Hands Foundation (HHF). As of July 2009 a 20ft container load of 25,000 books was shipped to Tamso to support a community library project in collaboration with Machris Christian Academy. Check back for Before and After project photograph.

Tamso Related Data
Tamso is a community located in the western part of Ghana, approximately 200km from the capital, Accra. The estimated population in the area is about 10,000 but the community itself has a population of about 3000.. It is a mining community, but about 80 - 90% 0f the people in the area are unemployed. The miming activities have poluted many water bodies as well as degraded the land. As a results farming has become difficult in the area rendering a number of people poor.

Some parents in the community as a matter of fact cannot afford to pay school fees of their kids or buy them school uniform. In the case of our school, we have gotten scholarship for some of the needy kids. It is sad to mention that HIV/AIDS is prevelent in the area which is a threat to kids. There is a high rate of school dropouts which we are working around the clock by encouraging parents to bring their kids to our school. There are four schools in community, but about ten school in the area.

There is also a secondary school in the community. But the sad news is that there is no library in the area for school children to get access to. There is the need therefore to get one to enable school children go to read to enhance their reading and writing skills.

Our school has been able to put up a library facility with the assistance of HHF and Greenville Ave. Church of Christ in the USA. It located at a vantage point where people in the community can get easy access to it. It would be open each day except Sundays from 8am - 8.pm. We shall work hand in hand with HHF and othe stake holders like, our school Parents Teachers Association, the Ghana Library Board, The District Education staff to ensure its sustainabilty.

Jacob Kofi Dassah

June 2009 --Wings of the Dawn shipped 20ft container of 20,000 books to support Tamso-Ghana Library project and neighbouring schools and libraries.We write to express our profound and sincere thanks to you and your team for shipping assorted books to us. More...

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