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Enohia Migrant Fisherman Primary School Project

Wings of the Dawn, and High School Students from Trinity Valley School, Fort Worth, Texas has embark on a collaborative partnership effort with Enohia Community to assist in the completion of a six block elementary school in the village of Enohia Nkalu, Afikpo, Nigeria. This collaborative effort will involve sourcing for needed funds, provision of educational materials and supplies as well as related instructional workshops provided by students and educators from the United States of America.

Enohia Migrant Fisherman Primary School is in the village of Enohia Nkalu, Afikpo, Nigeria, the village is the smallest in the local government area situated in the extreme East of the Niger Delta State about 10 kilometers from the majority of other villages (so more or less isolated), separated from Cross River State by cross river. The population at the last census was 5654, of mainly younger age groups because of adult mortality for obvious reasons. More than 90% of the adult working group are fishermen, who travel to River Niger or some of its tributaries in the Rivers State to fish. They come back to the village only during the heavy rains (July to September). The primary school being sponsored by the village, with a pupil size of about 300, is called Enohia Migrant Fishermen Primary School.

Currently the school is being housed in two uncompleted personal (residential) buildings that the owners have kindly allowed the community to use temporarily for the school. The community sold some of the community owned land to get the project off the ground tasking themselves heavily to build a classroom block to be able to accommodate the increasing number of students in the school. The project goal has become difficult to accomplish because of the combination of a small population of the community and poverty. From the pictures shown on this page the weeds have overgrown the project. So the community has reached out to us help meet the need of improving literacy in rural communities of Africa in our ongoing effort to continue to stimulate and encourage lifelong reading and learning habit among the children of Africa.

We encourage local institutions, NGOs, private business, community organizations in United States of America to join our "Adopt a School" project to help organize related fundraising event and help meet our goal of $27,000 to complete this project.

With your financial and in-kind support together we can get these children into a suitable learning environment.

Wings of the Dawn is recognized 501(C) 3 non-profit by the US Internal Revenue Service.

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  Temporary Donated Classroom Building
Temporary Donated Classroom Building-

Classroom 1
Classroom 1

Classroom 2
Classroom 2

New Building Under Construction
New Building Under Construction

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