1. Collect used cell phones.  A monetary donation will be given to Wings of the Dawn for each phone collected. 

2. It is the donator's responsibility to ensure that the donated cell phone(s) has been deactivated.  A deactivated phone is no longer connected to your cell phone service.  (To deactivate, contact your cell phone carrier.)  

3. Download the required documents (Flyer, Parking List, Tax Donation Receipt and Donation form) to begin your drive.

4. A Charitable Recycling Packing List must be included in each and every shipment of cell phones to ensure that Wings of the Dawn is properly credited. Charitable Recycling is not responsible for cell phone shipments that do not include a completed packing list. If shipments are received without a completed packing list, or the charity noted on the packing list is not a partner member, the donation will be credited at the sole discretion of Charitable Recycling. Click here for a packing list.

5. Pick-up and delivery is always FREE for 50+ cell phones and Charitable Recycling also provides 50 count return shipping boxes at no charge. Just call or email us to order special, pre-paid, pre-addressed FedEx mailing labels if you have 50+ phones to donate.

6. Ask your friends, family, employers and businesses in your area if they have any used cell phones to donate. Remind them of the benefits of the Charitable Recycling Program. Ask local businesses if you can place a collection bin in their office or store. Ask your Church, Civic Clubs and Associations if they will allow you to conduct a cell phone drive on behalf of wings of the dawn.

7. Every Charitable Recycling cell phone donation is tax-deductible. Click here to generate a tax donation receipt.