In Mandinaba…the villagers have spoken…

"In addition to students, so many other people would benefit from the library. I finished my schooling but have no place to find books to read." Tjon Bojang

"If I have leisure time, I would go there to read and learn." Lamin Gaba

"A lot of students don't have academic encouragement from their families because most elders are uneducated. Parents don't know how to assist their children in their studies. The library would be a place for t hese students to find encouragement, especially with access to study materials." Omar Bojang

"We could be exposed to new ideas." Fatou Jammeh

"Too many young people sit around and do nothing. They need a place to go. A library would avoid having too many people do nothing." Jainaba Krubally

"Can anyone use the library? I don't have books but I want to read." Mr. B, a policeman posted in Mandinaba

"Do you have any Shakespeare?" Francis Mendi, 28-year-old teacher

"Are there books for me? I like to read." Keeba Ba, a 65-year-old man

"I want to learn more about health. Do you have health books?" Alagaie Jammeh, a nurse at BAFROW

"Do you have romance novels?" Janke Sano, 25-year-old woman

"I need an atlas for class. Will you have any?" Tjon Bojang, Grade 9 student With your donation an atlas plus 19,999 other books will be on their way. All kinds of books for all kinds of people! So please don't delay. Help the books get on their way. It's as easy as can be. As simple as learning your ABCs!