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Welcome to Mandinaba, The Gambia

Welcome to Mandinaba. This site was designed by Wings of the Dawn International Institute for Children to showcase WOD 'Mandinaba' Project, a collaborative effort between Mandinaba Youths and Sports Committee (MYSC) and Madinaba Community. This project hopes to foster relationships between African and American students, teachers and administrators, as we continue to encourage life long reading and learning habits among children of Africa. In an effort to establish a community library in Mandinaba, one of the villagers donated an abandoned restaurant to be utilized as a temporary libray space pending the implementation of a functional facility for the community Library.WOD first Library project implemented to support the mission and vission of the organization.

June 4th, 2007. Kiddie Corner has officially started in Mandinaba Temporary Library!!!

Yes, time with the kiddies is now happening! And it's off to a nice start.
We are working with the community nursery school with a Kiddie Corner time slot at the temporary library for 1 hr session with the kids Monday thru Friday 10:55 am to 11:55 am.
We have organized a 5 week course schedule (until the kids start summer break).

  • Week 1-
    Introduction to the library (rules, regulations, etc.) We encourage any and all students to come. Everyone is welcome! We then do a "know your body" review. Very basic review of body parts....corresponding with the ever popular "head, shoulders, knees, and toes" song. -the kids love it! they are really into things!
  • Week 2-
    start of our personal hygiene classes. Now that everyone is familiar with basic body parts reviewed from the week before, we now start classes on keeping the body clean! very important, especially the hands because the kids eat with the hand...and easily get sick if it's dirty. Diagrams will be used from books in the library.
  • Week 3: Teeth
    We want to do a class on the importance of dental hygiene. So many people here have poor teeth condition due to high consumption of sugary foods...but no emphasis on proper cleaning methods. The plan is to get local dental clinic (newly opened in a nearby village) involved.
  • Week 4: Reading
    Teaching the proper usage of using the books in the library.
  • Week 5: Writing
    Utilizing the books for writing.
We feel that doing this kiddie corner is very important. It introduces the library to the children, and makes them feel comfortable and free to come and use the facility.

Even our first 2 days have had an affect on the kids. When I walk around in the village and kids ask me "Fatou, are you going the library? I went." (in mandinka...the english is not super clear yet!!) Lesley Copeland

(View Kiddie Corner Kids in Action)

April 14th, 2007. The Mandinaba Temporary Community Library is officially open!!!

At the ceremony, there was an incredible turnout from the community. Many people were in attendance including some government officials. The facility is functioning well thus far, so well that there isn't enough space to accomodate everyone who wants to come inside (View Temporary Library Before & After slide show)  (View Complete Photo Gallery), in addition to mandinaba folk, people from other villages are visiting the library, there was even a line outside for those that wanted to come inside.

"The facility really looks beautiful. I can't believe how much it actually looks like a library!!! AND the other night, i walked over...went inside...and the tables were filled with people! the 2 table were filled with kids looking at books and coloring on paper, while a group of adults were reading. with candle lights". Lesley Copeland

Immediate Need:
-Financial Support
This will help us to meet our goal of establishing a full blown community resource center to include library, career and counseling center and computer literacy center.
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